What should you do in the event of a separation after a marriage, legal cohabitation or actual cohabitation?

It’s very simple: nothing. You don’t have to report the separation to MyFamily. The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (Kruispuntbank) will automatically inform us of the new situation. We will then carry out an assessment to determine which parent is entitled to receive the Groeipakket.

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Which parent will receive the Groeipakket?

In a separation, MyFamily works on the basis of “evenly distributed housing”, as we call it. This means that your child stays with you for half the time and with the other parent for the other half. In this case, the Groeipakket is paid out in the same way as prior to the separation.

If there is no evenly distributed housing arrangement in place, please inform us of the court’s decision. MyFamily will then proceed based on this decision.

What happens to the social allowance?

Your separation may have consequences for your social allowance and exactly who receives it. You can read more about this by clicking on the button below.

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