What should you do in the event of a divorce after a marriage, legal cohabitation or actual cohabitation?

It is important that MyFamily is aware of your separation.

Is your separation accompanied by an official change of address? Then you do not have to do anything. The Crossroads Bank for Social Security will automatically inform us of the new situation.

Are you separated but have not yet been able to change your address or are you living abroad? If you contact us, we shall together look at what other evidence you can provide us.

Which parent will receive the Groeipakket in the event of a separation?


In the case of a separation, MyFamily works on the basis of the “joint exercise of parental authority”, as the law calls it. You may know it under the name of “co-parenting”. This means that, despite the separation, both parents make important decisions about the children together. For example, this could be about choosing a sports club, what happens to the pocket money, where the child stays during the school holidays, who takes care of the transport, etc.

Do you and the other parent exercise parental authority together? In that case, your separation does not in itself change the payment of the Groeipakket:

  • One parent receives the Groeipakket as a benefit recipient (if you only have children born before 1/01/2019 and nothing else has changed in your family): nothing will change in that case.
  • Both parents receive the Groeipakket in a beneficiary core (according to the new Groeipakket rules). You decide together in which account number it will be deposited.
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“No co-parenting”

Is there no co-parenting (joint parental authority) and did you receive the “exclusive parental authority” assigned by the court? Please send us a copy of the ruling. If you are the only parent with parental authority, you will receive the full Groeipakket in your name.

Did the judge decide how and to whom the Groeipakket must be paid? Please provide us with a copy of the ruling.

What happens to the social allowance in case of a separation?

Your separation may have consequences for your social allowance and exactly who receives it. In the case of the social allowance, we assume “evenly distributed accommodation” – as the law calls it. This means that your children stay with you for half the time and with the other parent for the other half.

In case of evenly distributed accommodation, the child is counted in both families. Calculating this social allowance is rather complex, but your Groeipakket coach is on hand to do this for you. Depending on each person’s family situation and the family income, you and the other parent may each receive half of the social allowance. You then decide for yourself in which account you wish to receive the allowance.

In the case of unevenly distributed accommodation, the child will be counted only for the family where it spends more than half the time. Only this parent may then receive the full social allowance.

Is there a case of unevenly distributed accommodation? Please send us a copy of the ruling.

Read more about the social allowance here.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our Groeipakket coaches. Or take a look at our ‘frequently asked questions page’.

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