Education allowance automatic from now on

If you are already receiving the Groeipakket, you do not need to submit another application. Our Groeipakket coaches automatically investigate whether you are entitled to the selective participation allowance. From this autumn, you will receive the allowance in your account if you are entitled to it. Easier, isn’t it?

Note: If your child is going to college or university, you will no longer receive an education allowance. You may instead be entitled to a scholarship, the so-called ‘study grant’. You must apply for the scholarship through the Ministry of Education. You can find all the information at

Not receiving the Groeipakket?

Do you live in Brussels, Wallonia or in our neighbouring countries? And does your child go to an educational institution recognised, financed or subsidised by the Flemish Community? If so, please apply for the selective participation allowance using the button below.

Apply for your selective participation allowance
Selectieve participatietoeslag

When are you entitled to receive an education allowance?

If you are already receiving a Groeipakket, there is nothing further you need to do. The calculation takes place fully automatically. MyFamily automatically transfers your selective participation allowance to your account. No further application forms are required.

We investigate your entitlement to the education allowance using the information available in the databases for education, FPS Finance and more. If your records are being updated, we will automatically pay you the difference.

If you have not yet received anything in December or no adjustment has been made, feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

What conditions must you meet?

  • Your child attends a preschool, primary or secondary school recognised by Flanders.
  • Your son or daughter is registered and attends school regularly.
  • Your family income is within certain limits. These limits are entirely dependent on your family situation.

How much selective participation allowance will you receive?

Whether you receive the selective participation allowance depends on the following:

  • The field of study
  • Your family situation
  • Your taxable and non-taxable income
  • Your cadastral income

The selective participation allowance for preschool and primary education

 Minimum amount Maximum amount
Preschool  / € 103.70
Primary education € 121.01 € 188.19

The selective participation allowance for secondary education

Minimum amount Maximum amount
Married, self-employed or single student € 712.98 € 3,268.73
Student in the third year of the third level of full-time technical or vocational secondary education No boarding school: € 280.60 No boarding school: € 1,132.07
At boarding school: € 725.16 At boarding school: € 1,861.09
All other forms of secondary education No boarding school: € 233.75

No boarding school: € 943.30

At boarding school: € 604.31 At boarding school: € 1,550.86
Work-study system € 196.55 € 537.45
Higher vocational education (nursing training) No boarding school: € 829.80 No boarding school: € 1,212.27
At boarding school: € 829.80 At boarding school: € 3,640.66

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