The introduction of the Groeipakket has an important consequence for you. You can now choose which institution pays you your support payment, and rightly so. You’re no longer a baby, are you?

Become a member of our family and request your Groeipakket from MyFamily...

…if you live in Flanders, but don’t get child benefit or Groeipakket yet.

…if you’re new in Flanders.

…if you live abroad and work in Flanders.

Switching to MyFamily

If you already receive Groeipakket elsewhere, but would rather be part of MyFamily, request to make the switch now. On 1 January 2020, you will be our very first member of the new year.

Have you requested a Startbedrag...

…from MyFamily? Then everything is set up for your Groeipakket. We’ll automatically send it to you.

…from another payment institution? You can still become a member of our family. Just click on the button above, and MyFamily will take care of your Groeipakket.

If you would rather stay with the other payment institution, that’s of course possible too. But remember, we will always welcome you with open arms.

Receive kleutertoeslag

You are entitled to this bonus if your child goes to a nursery school that is recognised by the Flemish community.

Receiving kinderopvangtoeslag

For this, you need to be able to tick three boxes:

  • your child doesn’t attend nursery school yet
  • you are opting for a childcare facility with a permit from the Flemish government
  • the childcare fee is not in compliance with the Kind&Gezin subsidy scheme

You don’t have to be living in Flanders to receive the allowance. Your child just needs to be attending childcare in Flanders or Brussels.

Switching to MyFamily: the best choice for your child and your family

Your child deserves the best start in life. This works better when you are surrounded by family, which is why at MyFamily, we welcome you and your child with open arms. Our experts ensure that you always get the support you deserve. Switching is therefore a good choice, and here are six excellent reasons why:

1. You take most straightforward path towards your Startbedrag of € 1.122

If the stork pays you a visit, you are entitled to the Startbedrag. Nowhere can you request this more easily than at MyFamily. Your request is complete in the blink of an eye and, around 2 months before the birth, you’ll receive €1.122 on your account.

2. You automatically receive Groeipakket

If your Startbedrag has been approved, you are automatically entitled to Groeipakket (formerly child benefit). The sum will appear on your account each month on the 8th. Want to know more? Our Groeipakket coaches will be happy to help you.

3. Calculate how much you will receive

Curious to know the amount you will receive for your child? Calculate it in an instant using the Groeipakket Calculator. Be sure to take a look, because this information is always handy to know.

4. You can rest easy thanks to the double-checking system

MyFamily ensures that you always receive the amount you are entitled to. Nevertheless, the switch from Child Benefit to Groeipakket raises a few questions, so we understand that you like to check for yourself. You can do so using MyFamily’s Groeipakket Checker. In just a few clicks, you will be assured that the amount you receive corresponds with your family situation.

5. Does your child really cost a house?

What is the cost of raising your child? What is the impact of an extra child on your family budget? Do you spend more on your kids than your friends? Calculate all this using MyFamily’s KindKompas. This unique instrument charts your costs over 3 areas: your child itself, your family as a whole and your time use. Make the calculations quickly, and get invaluable information for preparing your family budget.

6. Get information and be inspired

How do you create the most beautiful nursery in the world1? Where can you easily make savings on your family budget2? Where can you find information on a fun night out3 and book a babysitter straight away4? How do you purchase baby equipment at a good price5? As a mum, you can learn a lot from the MyFamily blogs, posts and videos.

Tip: be sure to subscribe to our Groeipakket newsletter. It’s full of information you’re always looking forward to – it’s like your good girlfriend who always gives you tips!

1Using MyFamily’s tips y – 2thanks to our so-called money hacks3in our culture planner r – 4using the bsit babysitting service bsit – 5from our partner Dreambaby

You live in Flanders, but don't receive Groeipakket ,or child benefit, yet

It’s simple: because your offspring is resident in Flanders, you will receive Groeipakket from MyFamily. Full stop.

You may also be entitled to Groeipakket in the following cases:

  • you or your child do not (yet) have a place of residence, but you are Belgian citizens, or you have a valid residence permit;
  • you have special status as a refugee, a victim of human trafficking, or an unaccompanied minor;
  • you already receive family benefit from abroad or from an international organisation on the basis of your job;
  • you are a cross-border worker.

One golden piece of advice is: do what you can to speed up your request so that you quickly get the support you are entitled to. Click on the button below and our Groeipakket coaches will get straight to work for you.

Useful tip: be sure to include the name and address of the organisation that paid your last family benefit. Our experts can then proceed even faster to include you in the family.

Kindje komt kijken aan de deur
Aansluiten MyFamily verhuis naar

Moving to Flanders?

First of all, get to know your new neighbours because, believe us: the Flemish are hospitable people and are happy to welcome you.

The same goes for MyFamily, and is just as heartfelt. One golden piece of advice is: register with us as soon as you have your official new address or a valid residence permit. Otherwise, you risk receiving unjustified payments from your previous benefit fund. You will have to pay back that money later, and that’s always an unpleasant experience.

Handy tip: keep the name of your previous benefit fund at hand. Our Groeipakket coaches can then start your file straight away and you will quickly receive the support you are entitled to.

You live abroad and work in Flanders

Then you may be entitled to Groeipakket for your child. This is also the case when your partner or spouse works in Flanders.

It doesn’t matter which status you have: employee, civil servant or self-employed. In fact, even if you are retired, unemployed or sick, you can receive your Groeipakket, and you will be welcome at MyFamily.

Will you receive a complete or supplementary Groeipakket?

Because we are part of Europe, European rules apply, of course. According to these rules, the country of employment always outweighs the country of residence. This means that you are entitled to:

  • a complete Groeipakket if you work in Flanders and your child lives abroad.
  • a supplementary Groeipakket if you work in Flanders and the other parent works abroad where your child lives. The following example provides further clarification:

Marie is 6 years old and lives in the Netherlands. Her mum works for our northern neighbours while her dad earns his living in Flanders.

In this case, the Netherlands has priority for paying the family benefit. If the amount that the family receives over the Moerdijk is lower than the amount they are entitled in Flanders, then Flanders will add a supplementary Groeipakket to it.

Aansluiten MyFamily vrouw wereldbol

Good to know

  • If you are not entitled to family benefit anywhere in Europe, MyFamily will pay you the complete Groeipakket.
  • You will receive Groeipakket with retroactive effect. Your entitlement stays valid for 5 years. In other words: if you were eligible to receive Groeipakket 5 years ago, you will also receive the money for the past 5 years.
  • Kleutertoeslag and kinderopvangtoeslag do not depend on whether or not the country concerned is a foreign country. You always receive the full amount.

MyFamily is happy to get to work for you

Are you working in Flanders? Or is your partner? Then click on the button below and MyFamily will make sure you receive the money you are entitled to.

If you have the name of the organisation that paid your last family benefit at hand, it’s so easy to do.

Switch to MyFamily now

On 1 January 2020, the door will finally be unlocked and you can then freely choose who pays your Groeipakket.

However, don’t wait until next year to request your switch to MyFamily. Click now on the button below so that we can prepare your file and complete your registration quickly. You also get a good idea of the service you’ll be able to enjoy with your new family.

Tip: if there’s going to be a new addition to your family, you can also make the switch to MyFamily now. Tell us by clicking the button. We’re looking forward to warmly welcoming

Overstappen naar MyFamily

Want to register now with MyFamily? It's also possible to register...

…in some exceptional cases

For example, when your child goes to live with another parent, or with a different family. Want to know if it’s possible to register immediately with MyFamily, in your particular case? Contact our Groeipakket coaches and they will be happy to provide you personalised advice.

…when you’re expecting – hurrah – a baby

It’s really easy: just request your Startbedrag from us. You are then automatically registered with MyFamily, and our family becomes a bit bigger, as will yours!

Aansluiten bij MyFamily als ambtenaar

Civil servant? Welcome to MyFamily!

Freedom, happiness – you can also enjoy these as a civil servant. You are no longer obliged to register with the government’s payment institution. On the contrary, by registering with MyFamily, you can reap benefits that you won’t enjoy anywhere else.

Whether you are a teacher or a fire fighter, a police officer or a CPAS/OCMW employee, contractual or statutory: we welcome you with open arms. Our advice: request to switch now, then your case will be prioritised.

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