MyFamily cares for your family. And for your family's data.

Your family is important. And that makes your family’s data important too. Your data is safe with MyFamily.

This page explains

  • what data we collect about you;
  • why we process and maintain this data;
  • the legal basis for doing this;
  • what parties we transfer this data to.

This privacy statement will be continually updated to reflect how we use your data, so that the protection of your data is always watertight. If we change our website or service, for instance, we may change the text. The latest version can always be found on this website.

You understand that this privacy statement only applies to the services of MyFamily. We cannot accept any responsibility for how other websites or sources – that link to us or that we link to – handle your data.

What data we collect

MyFamily collects your personal data.

We only use this personal data to perform our statutory task: to assess and calculate your entitlement to a ‘Groeipakket’ and other allowances, and to pay them out to you.

It goes without saying that we guard your data as a lioness guards her cubs. We respect your privacy and guarantee the strict confidentiality of all information. This is set out in black and white in the ‘Decree regulating family policy allowances of 22 December 2017 of the Flemish Government’, the successor to the General Child Benefit Act.

In order to further improve our services, we sometimes also ask for your highly valued opinion.

All data collected will be stored in an automated retrieval system on our own secure servers. These are hosted by a third party with which MyFamily has concluded a processor’s agreement. Furthermore, MyFamily is compliant with the strict standards of the Crossroads Banks: the Minimum Security Standards (MNM).

From IP address to cookies

We use and store your contact details whenever you enter them on our website. This allows us to carry out the services you request to the best of our ability.

Whenever you visit our website, we log your IP address and the technical data of your smartphone or computer.

This website uses cookies, including our own and from third parties. If you would like more information on this, or if you wish to turn off or delete cookies, please see our Cookie Statement. Our website may contain links to websites or information from third parties. MyFamily has no control of the information that you will encounter there, and cannot therefore accept any responsibility for it. It is even possible that the privacy policy of these parties is at odds with our own principles.

Our website allows you to share information via social media, such as Facebook. As you will be aware, social media sites have their own terms and conditions and their own specific privacy policies. These are similarly beyond our control. We are similarly unable to accept responsibility for anything you publish or share via these channels.

E-mails and other electronic messages

If you send us a message, it will be stored in our systems. In order to process your question, we will sometimes have to ask for personal information in order to give you an appropriate answer. Please always bear in mind that e-mail traffic can be intercepted by outsiders. MyFamily therefore tries to limit the information exchanged in this way.

Your data also helps to keep you up to date

The Groeipakket is there to support you and your child. It is therefore certainly useful to keep you up to date about any changes to the Groeipakket. We will do this by sending you information about our services. By using the information which we collect about you – with the exception of your social personal data – we can tailor this information to your exact needs. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether we do this or not. Read about this in more detail below, in the section on your rights.

Who will we transfer your data to?

Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Nevertheless, we may still need to pass on your information. The principle we observe for this is ‘only once’: you should never have to enter or send us any information a second time if you have previously already provided it, or if another department of MyFamily or Xerius already has it. This makes your life easier. If you don’t want this, find out how to let us know below.

Example: you are self-employed and you are pregnant. MyFamily will share your data with Xerius Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds VZW (company registration number 0410.682.657). This will allow the social security fund to provide you with service vouchers for maternity care. And MyFamily will be able to pay you the ‘Startbedrag’ (childbirth benefit).

Some official bodies may also need your data. In that case, MyFamily is obliged to pass this information on. This is certainly the case for:

  • the KRING platform (primary network of paying agents for the ‘Groeipakket’);
  • the Child Benefit Registry;
  • the ‘Opgroeien’ agency, for the purpose of checking bank account numbers
  • the Child and Family Agency, for the purpose of organising an intake meeting;
  • dossiers of MyFamily when transferring to another ‘Groeipakket’ paying agent.

For the sake of completion, our website uses cookies that pass information on to third parties. To find out more about this, or to turn off or delete these cookies, please see our Cookie Statement.

What channels does MyFamily source your information from?

From you, of course

You actively share data when you visit our website and use our services. This could be when you fill in a contact form, request a simulation, submit an application, complete a questionnaire, phone us, send us an e-mail, use a chat service, or send us post.

From the government

We mentioned it earlier: MyFamily has to perform a statutory task. For this reason, the government also passes information on to MyFamily. Our employees can view this in official sources, such as the Crossroads Banks. Sometimes this information will be automatically fed into our systems.

Protocols have been concluded for the following and can be consulted if required.

From a trusted third party

‘Trusted’ means that this source has collected your data legally and may also share it legally with MyFamily. You will be fully informed of the purpose for which your information was collected, and you will know that the data may be passed on. If necessary, we will tell you which party the information comes from during our first contact.

How MyFamily protects your data

  1. Confidentiality

Your data is well protected within MyFamily. Only employees who need your information have access to it. Before they can access it, they have to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment contract.

  1. Trusted relationship with our data processors

For some services, MyFamily relies on data processors. Data processors are businesses engaged in areas such as IT and security, marketing and communication, (digital) archiving and transmission. We select these processors using an extremely thorough process, and enforce strict rules for the use of your data. For instance, they will only have access to the information that they absolutely need. Furthermore, these processors are obliged to treat the data securely and confidentially. They may only process the data in accordance with our instructions.

  1. Strict retention period

MyFamily only uses and retains your data where there is a clear purpose to do so. If the information serves no useful purpose, it will be deleted.

The retention period depends on the reason why we need your information. You have the right to ask for your data to be deleted. More on this can be found in the next section.

  1. Technological and organisational protection

MyFamily uses the latest technologies to prevent others from obtaining, using or publishing your data. In addition, we also take organisational measures to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. These security measures are meticulously tested through a process of regular audits.

MyFamily adheres to the guidelines of the various crossroads banks, such as the Minimum Standards of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security.

  1. Your data will remain within the European Economic Area (EEA)

MyFamily has no offices outside Flanders. Our processors may not process your data outside the EEA unless sufficient protection guarantees have been obtained. This is because a level of data protection as reassuring as in the EEA cannot be found elsewhere.

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

  1. View the data that MyFamily processes on you

Contact us to obtain a summary of the personal data on you that MyFamily processes. This summary will not contain data from classic back-up files, log files or archive files, because this information does not form part of the currently processed personal data and is not therefore immediately available.

  1. Correction of your data

If certain data is no longer correct or complete, please contact us to have it amended.

  1. Have certain data deleted

Simply ask for certain data to be deleted. Important: we cannot delete the data we need to carry out our statutory task.

  1. Object to a specific use of your data

If you have previously given MyFamily permission to process your data, you may withdraw that permission at any time. Please contact us, and we will take the necessary action.

If you do not agree with the outcome of our decisions, you can lodge an objection and we will then no longer process your data in the way specified.

Exercising your rights

Send your question to [email protected]. We will contact you within 30 days.

Please be as specific as possible when formulating your question. Indicate clearly which of the above rights you wish to exercise. Not all of the rights will apply in every case. You must also confirm your identity so that no one else deletes your data, or vice versa. If necessary, we will ask you to produce a copy of your ID card.

If you have previously asked a question about exercising your rights, and you wish to complain about how this was handled, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

As you can read on this page, your data and privacy are sacred at MyFamily. If, however, you are unhappy with the way we have handled your information, please visit the website of the Belgian Data Protection Authority: You can file a complaint there if you wish.

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