Are you entitled to the ‘Groeipakket’?

You are unconditionally entitled to the ‘Groeipakket’ until your child is 18.
Between the ages of 18 and 25, the full ‘Groeipakket’ is subject to certain conditions.

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If you were already receiving child benefit before 1 January 2019,
you will continue to receive the same amount for your child(ren). There is no need to submit a separate application.

Who receives the ‘Groeipakket’?

The answer is very simple: the persons who raise the child.

  • In most cases, these are both parents.
  • If the parents are divorced, the arrangement is often different. In that case, the payment depends on your specific situation.

In a number of exceptional cases, for example when the child is married or receives a ‘Groeipakket’ themselves, MyFamily pays the ‘Groeipakket’ directly to the child. In that case, the child can still designate a parent, adoptive parent, step-parent or parent-in-law as the beneficiary.

Important: MyFamily uses the population register to determine who is raising the child. If your situation is different from that official information or if you want to challenge a payment decision, contact us as soon as possible.

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