How much may your student worker earn?

Is your child under 18 years of age?

If so, they are not limited* to a certain number of hours that they can work. This applies up to the end of the month in which they turn 18 years of age. In the month following their 18th birthday, a number of rules apply as to whether your child may continue to receive the Groeipakket.

*Note: These unlimited hours only apply to the Groeipakket.

Your child is over 18 years of age

If so, you are still entitled to the Groeipakket if your son or daughter…

  • does not work more than 475 hours per year as a student with reduced social security contributions;
  • does not work more than 80 hours per month with standard social security contributions;
  • is registered as a self-employed person but doesn’t pay any contributions in their main occupation;
  • does not receive any social benefits.

A number of exceptional cases also apply

Does your child work…

  • in a system of vocational training with work experience;
  • as part of a practical on-the-job training set-up;
  • or under a paid internship agreement?

If so, this is not considered to be a profitable activity. These hours therefore do not count towards the total number of hours worked.

Does your child receive a living wage or compensation for volunteer work? You cannot lose your Groeipakket as a result of this.

However, there is a chance that this will happen if your son or daughter receives a school leaver benefit or a social benefit due to sickness, invalidity, a workplace-related accident, a work-related illness, unemployment or a career interruption.

Is your child a school leaver and does your child receive an income replacement allowance? This may pose a problem with regard to receiving the Groeipakket.

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