A great deal changes when your child switches to a different type of education – your Groeipakket is no exception.

You have unconditional Groeipakket entitlement up to the month in which your child turns 18.

Generally speaking, you will continue to be entitled to the Groeipakket until your child is 25 years of age as long as they are still in education. A few conditions do apply if your child is seeking to earn some extra money on the side while they are at school. The conditions that apply to your child specifically depend on their type of education.

Pupil in secondary education

Secondary education includes education for social advancement, private education, education with a limited curriculum, part-time education, accredited training and training to become a management member/director.

As stated above, you are unconditionally entitled to the Groeipakket up to the month in which your child turns 18. Your child’s number of class hours and number of hours worked primarily determine whether you will continue to be entitled to the Groeipakket after this time.


Student in higher education

You are usually entitled to receive the Groeipakket during the period of higher education, too. In this case, the conditions relate primarily to the number of credits your child takes and the number of hours they work (if any). The start date on which they are registered in higher education determines when you receive your Groeipakket.

Specific conditions apply to PhD students, students who complete an extra year due to an internship or final dissertation, and students in higher vocational education.


Pupil with an apprenticeship contract

In an apprenticeship contract (also called an apprenticeship agreement) your entitlement to the Groeipakket depends on a number of conditions. You are still entitled to the Groeipakket in some cases even if the apprenticeship contract is rejected, terminated, withdrawn or not recognised.


Studying abroad as a student

You can also retain your Groeipakket entitlement if your child studies abroad. Different conditions apply depending on where your child is studying.

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Working as a student

Your child may have an additional income alongside their studies and any compulsory internships. Different conditions apply depending on your child’s age and the type of employment contract. Here you can find information about the conditions on working as a student.

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