illustratie kindje op komst myfamily

Baby on the way

Each new child is a minor miracle.
We give you all the information you need to apply for birth and adoption allowances.

Every child born or adopted has the right to a helping hand in the form of an allowance. You receive this allowance from MyFamily if you are affiliated to us.

Click here to find out which child benefit fund you are affiliated to.


The birth allowance is also sometimes referred to as childbirth benefit. You receive a financial boost upon the birth of each baby. Apply for the birth allowance here. MyFamily ensures a quick and correct handling.

Want to know more? Read all about childbirth benefit and birth allowance here.


The adoption allowance is an allowance that you receive upon the adoption of a child. How you apply for the allowance depends on your family situation and the type of adoption.

You should apply for the adoption allowance yourself through your child benefit fund. We guide you through the various steps here.