MyFamily_startbedrag_vrouw met gedachten

Your application will be submitted automatically...

…if you are already receiving a ‘Groeipakket’ for another child.

…if you applied for a ‘Startbedrag’ for your child, formerly referred to as the childbirth benefit or birth allowance. If that is not yet the case, do so now with just one click.

Apply for your ‘Startbedrag’
MyFamily_startbedrag_vrouw met gedachten

You must submit your application yourself...

…in other exceptional cases.

One example is if you and your children are moving to Flanders after 1 January 2019. In that case, you can obviously no longer apply for a ‘Startbedrag’ for them in Flanders. This also means that you will not automatically receive the ‘Groeipakket’. In that case, you must submit the application yourself.

Fortunately, applying is easy. Just click on the button below and MyFamily will get the ball rolling for you right away.

Apply for your Groeipakket

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